ZADEA is happy and proud to announce his application to the TRON Super Representative!

We think we are one of the best options to support TRON because we know what we do and we own the entire infrastructure needed by TRON.

We believe that decentralization needs a complete control over the node, what happen if a big cloud company suddenly stop to publish or ban tron nodes? What happen if a country with more than 1 node decides to ban TRON?

Decentralization mean survive to any ban, any disaster and to achieve this, we think, that witness nodes need to by spread among the maximum number of country and provider as possible, always maintaining the complete control over the node.

We can run a node here in the best country of the world: Italy
Let us create blocks with Italian strength and passion!

We switched to 100% mode for this year.
all TRXs we get from Tron will be redistribute among our voters

Payment summary:

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